Weeping effects on Keith Urban by ‘Lion’

Recently Actress Nicole Kidman made a very possessive statement about his musical husband Keith Urban that he is a very soft person from inside and came out literally crying from the premiere or movie ‘Lion’.Apart from her hubby’s reaction to the movie Nicole Kidma herself made some positive statements about the movie, “It has been so easy to promote this film and talk about it. It is love. It is about unity and family, about the power of mothering,”.

Nicole said that the reaction of her sister and husband helped her in judging and said “I knew we were onto a good thing when my sister and my husband saw the film and both came out weeping and wanting to hug me. And I thought that is an amazing response to a film.” When asked directly from Urban, he claimed that the movie comes packed with great and the strongest story of all times and added, “Telling Sue’s (Kidman’s character) story too was extraordinary. It’s really a beautiful film.”

And when asked about the tears, Keith said that “I always want to stress the crying is really more about the triumph of the film and the triumph of love. That’s what it’s really about.”Lion is adapted version of Saroo Brierley’s book ‘A Long Way Home’ and talks about an Indian fellow who missed the train to his home town.

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