Things might take place in new season of “Suits”

 New Season Of “Suits

1. Jessica left her firm 

In last season, she left Spectre, Pearson and Litt. She might move on and live with Jeff Malone. Now, what Harvey do next? Will there will be new member to fill that space?

2. Will Mike return to firm or not?

In last season, Mike tried hard to come out of the jail and saving the company. Now, Mike is out from jail and guess what he would be doing? Harvey gave an offer to Mike to return to the firm with the legal approval. ‘Suits’ is incomplete without the Bromance of Mike and Harvey, so guess is that Harvey may accept his offer.

3. Wedding bells for Louis

Louis, will finally find a pattern for his life. It is obvious that Louis will propose Tara. But it’s Louis? So yeah, thats one of the thing we are looking forward for!

4. Donna and Harvey

They ended with a satisfactory end, where both of them holding each other hands. The upcoming seasons may be about their evolution of relationship. Let’s hope for good results.

5. Rachel may shift to his family firm

She might work with her father this season. This is high time for her to sort her relation with her father.

6. Rachel weds Mike

The fans are eagerly waiting for wedding of Rachel and Mike since Suits season 5, it will only look sensible if it happens this time.

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