Alicia Keys Before and After Plastic Surgery

Alicia Keys

Born on January 25, 1981 in Hell’s kitchen , Manhattan, NY, Alicia Augello Cook also known as Alicia Keys is a songsmith and a singer as well. She is good in instrumentals and is a professional pianist. Her debut with J Records named ‘Songs in a Mirror’ couldn’t gain much of the attention. But, her number one single ‘Falling’ came out to be the best single hit of that time and bought her much appreciation and accolades.

Alicia Keys Before and After Nose Job Pictures

Alicia Key has shown considerable changes and transformation over the years. Her transformation seems to be a result of plastic procedures and that cosmetic surgery is only considered to be the reason behind her everlasting beautiful skin. Though there has not been any statement regarding the same but on comparing her before and after pictures we surely can make out the difference in her face design and structure. let’s have a look at her speculated plastic surgery and let’s see the changes brought to her face.

  1. Nose Job: Alicia has a natural beauty and expecting a nose job from her was not certain. Her nose has acquired a very different shape and is narrower than before. Her bulbous nose now appears to be more pointed with a narrow bridge gap and certainly specifies that a plastic procedure has been done on her nose. The wide nose structure though has become narrower but her nose appears to be unnatural than before.
  2. Facelift: on observing her skin carefully one can easily notice that at such an age she appears to be quite young and her skin is extremely rejuvenating and fresh. Her skin is smooth and toned and there are no signs of lines or wrinkles. Ladies in this age come up with saggy skin, lines and wrinkles but a rumored facelift seems to be sure here that can be easily made out on comparing her before and after pictures. Her face is very smooth and all the roughness and saggy skin is absent.  Though there has not been any word from her side regarding the same but it is observant as it is.
  3. Lip Job: a lip enhancement surgery also comes out to be true here. She certainly has had lip fillers to get the desired voluptuous lips that has added extra mass to her lips and has evenly designed them well after the surgery. Initially, they used to be thin and normal but now they certainly are sexy looking and well in shape.

Alicia always has been good looking and looks younger than her usual age. Her maturity and age can never be determined by her look and that is what is the magic of plastic surgery. It transforms you completely and gives you a new and refreshing look. But, it is extremely important that all these procedures are done in a certain amount and that there is no overdoing of this. Well, all of these are plastic surgeries and destroys your natural pigmentation.