Benefits Of Strength Training

Hey, guys ! how are you? welcome to our website. First of all congratulation on taking your first step towards fitness. I know many of you must be new and don’t know what exercise to do? or how to do the exercise ? or when to do the exercise? Well don’t worry, you have come to the perfect place. Consider me your new health instructor as I will tell you everything you need to know about exercises. With my guidance and techniques, you will be able to achieve your desired state of fitness in no time. So just follow my lead.So today I am going to talk about something very important. I am going to answer the question of every person who is doing muscle training or strength training. I am going to answer why is strength training important for us? What are the benefits of strength training? So some of the most important things about strength training are – Dont forgert to take a look at Deepika padukone Complete diet Plan

Good health is very important for everyone. I am sure you all must have heard that a healthy man is a wealthy man. So with proper strength training, you can easily maintain your health and fitness. It also reduces the chances of falling sick. Plus reduces the risk of having chronic diseases like diabetes, heart attack etc.

I guess this is no surprise for you. Strength training helps to increase the muscle strength to a great extent. It also improves the body endurance, size, and power. The best thing is that all these things, when put together, eases up the daily life. Like easy lifting of the object, or easily climbing the stairs etc.

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Flexibility is very important for everyone. A flexible person never suffers from muscle pulls or sprains. What happens is, that a wide range of motion during strength training somehow increases the muscle flexibility. Also increased flexibility allow us to perform a wide range of activities.

It is always good to have a nice body posture. A good body posture has many positive impacts on our physical, social and mental health. We all know body posture is combined result of all body parts. So with increase muscle strength we can sit and stand straight. This also enhances the stability and balance of our body.

The main motto of people behind strength training is to develop a nice muscular body. So with the proper and well-planned workout, you can easily develop body muscles. It also improves the looks and appearance of the individual.

The body metabolism is improved to a great extent. This increased metabolism results in the loss of fat. I am not sure if you will lose weight of not, but you sure will gain on body muscles and lose the excessive fat. Over a period of time, you will be able to notice a change in your body size. Just remember to keep calm


Jane Fonda’s Plastic Surgery Details

Jane Fonda

Jayne Seymour Fonda famously known as Jane Fonda, was born on 21, December, 1937. She is a famous actress, writer, activist, fitness guru and fashion model. She got the life time achivement award from American Film Institute. In 1960, she debuted with play Broadway, she got nominated twice for Tony Award. Later she commenced her career on screen with film Tall Story. In 1960, she rose to fame with Cat Ballou, Period of Adjustment, Sunday in New York, and Barbarella. Apart from this released her own videos showing 5 excercises. She released her video named Jane Fonda’s workout. After several years her book on Workout became a best selling book. These videos were produced by Sidney Galanty. She in total released 23 videos, total 17 million copies were sold.

She released her autobiography “My Life so Far”. She published a new book named Prime Time in 2011. This book contains stories of her life and others too. Apart from her work, she works for different charities. In 1990, she established a Fonda Family Foundation. Image Source

The 76 years old epitome of beauty is known as one of the most prominent part of hollywood for whose age is just a number with zero negative effects because she hardly had to bear them. 1960’s added spark to her career and for us she should be a veteran now but no she  can’t be termed as a veteran because she hardly looks 76.    At 76 years of age, Fonda is still as fit as she was earlier and an elegant beauty. But the question, “is this all natural?” Could not die down.

Public, fans, media kept asking for the secret in a bid that they could make her confess the truth that she underwent surgies like her counterparts. Most of the time they all succeeded as she readily accepted the fact that some mild cosmetic treatments went underway and kept her going for so long, she didn’t find it tough to accept the truth as according to her it’s a common and the most sought after solution to cop up with the harsh reality of aging. Here are some Pictures from Jane Fond’s Before And After

For Fonda the reason for surgery was a bit from different than others with whom she was always compared. While others admitted after several controversies that they succumb to media pressure but Jane Fondant gave an eccentric reason and said that she wanted her skin and looks to represent what she actually felt inside. She wanted to show the world that she is still young at heart. 

In order to make her fans familiar with her inner self she finally resorted to plastic surgeries. The best part of her personality is the fact that she is always truthful and real and quickly admitted that she could elongate her Hollywood career only because of these timely and subtle surgeries. Its believed that fonda took consultation from the one of the best surgeons and opted for chin, eyes and neck surgery to augment her facelift that was done in her late 40’s. However, Fonda took another proper facelift in 2010.

Weeping effects on Keith Urban by ‘Lion’

Recently Actress Nicole Kidman made a very possessive statement about his musical husband Keith Urban that he is a very soft person from inside and came out literally crying from the premiere or movie ‘Lion’.Apart from her hubby’s reaction to the movie Nicole Kidma herself made some positive statements about the movie, “It has been so easy to promote this film and talk about it. It is love. It is about unity and family, about the power of mothering,”.

Nicole said that the reaction of her sister and husband helped her in judging and said “I knew we were onto a good thing when my sister and my husband saw the film and both came out weeping and wanting to hug me. And I thought that is an amazing response to a film.” When asked directly from Urban, he claimed that the movie comes packed with great and the strongest story of all times and added, “Telling Sue’s (Kidman’s character) story too was extraordinary. It’s really a beautiful film.”

And when asked about the tears, Keith said that “I always want to stress the crying is really more about the triumph of the film and the triumph of love. That’s what it’s really about.”Lion is adapted version of Saroo Brierley’s book ‘A Long Way Home’ and talks about an Indian fellow who missed the train to his home town.

Things might take place in new season of “Suits”

 New Season Of “Suits

1. Jessica left her firm 

In last season, she left Spectre, Pearson and Litt. She might move on and live with Jeff Malone. Now, what Harvey do next? Will there will be new member to fill that space?

2. Will Mike return to firm or not?

In last season, Mike tried hard to come out of the jail and saving the company. Now, Mike is out from jail and guess what he would be doing? Harvey gave an offer to Mike to return to the firm with the legal approval. ‘Suits’ is incomplete without the Bromance of Mike and Harvey, so guess is that Harvey may accept his offer.

3. Wedding bells for Louis

Louis, will finally find a pattern for his life. It is obvious that Louis will propose Tara. But it’s Louis? So yeah, thats one of the thing we are looking forward for!

4. Donna and Harvey

They ended with a satisfactory end, where both of them holding each other hands. The upcoming seasons may be about their evolution of relationship. Let’s hope for good results.

5. Rachel may shift to his family firm

She might work with her father this season. This is high time for her to sort her relation with her father.

6. Rachel weds Mike

The fans are eagerly waiting for wedding of Rachel and Mike since Suits season 5, it will only look sensible if it happens this time.

Alicia Keys Before and After Plastic Surgery

Alicia Keys

Born on January 25, 1981 in Hell’s kitchen , Manhattan, NY, Alicia Augello Cook also known as Alicia Keys is a songsmith and a singer as well. She is good in instrumentals and is a professional pianist. Her debut with J Records named ‘Songs in a Mirror’ couldn’t gain much of the attention. But, her number one single ‘Falling’ came out to be the best single hit of that time and bought her much appreciation and accolades.

Alicia Keys Before and After Nose Job Pictures

Alicia Key has shown considerable changes and transformation over the years. Her transformation seems to be a result of plastic procedures and that cosmetic surgery is only considered to be the reason behind her everlasting beautiful skin. Though there has not been any statement regarding the same but on comparing her before and after pictures we surely can make out the difference in her face design and structure. let’s have a look at her speculated plastic surgery and let’s see the changes brought to her face.

  1. Nose Job: Alicia has a natural beauty and expecting a nose job from her was not certain. Her nose has acquired a very different shape and is narrower than before. Her bulbous nose now appears to be more pointed with a narrow bridge gap and certainly specifies that a plastic procedure has been done on her nose. The wide nose structure though has become narrower but her nose appears to be unnatural than before.
  2. Facelift: on observing her skin carefully one can easily notice that at such an age she appears to be quite young and her skin is extremely rejuvenating and fresh. Her skin is smooth and toned and there are no signs of lines or wrinkles. Ladies in this age come up with saggy skin, lines and wrinkles but a rumored facelift seems to be sure here that can be easily made out on comparing her before and after pictures. Her face is very smooth and all the roughness and saggy skin is absent.  Though there has not been any word from her side regarding the same but it is observant as it is.
  3. Lip Job: a lip enhancement surgery also comes out to be true here. She certainly has had lip fillers to get the desired voluptuous lips that has added extra mass to her lips and has evenly designed them well after the surgery. Initially, they used to be thin and normal but now they certainly are sexy looking and well in shape.

Alicia always has been good looking and looks younger than her usual age. Her maturity and age can never be determined by her look and that is what is the magic of plastic surgery. It transforms you completely and gives you a new and refreshing look. But, it is extremely important that all these procedures are done in a certain amount and that there is no overdoing of this. Well, all of these are plastic surgeries and destroys your natural pigmentation.